The order of the day

Director Alex Rivera stated that at first Sleep Dealer was meant to be a critique of virtual capitalism and Internet utopianism, but cases like Indian call centres have suggested that what was portrayed in the film is becoming the normative (Rivera, cited in Harris 2012). The line that separates the natural and artificial is increasingly blurred and instances of symbiosis are becoming more prevalent (Maldonado 2003, 19). Moreover, technology is engaging more with individuals and the body rather than with places (Fortunati, Katz & Riccini 2003, 8). Places and spaces are experienced and their meanings negotiated by individuals through their bodily interaction with technology. The cyborg embodies a grotesque form science fiction being brought to life where technology, through biological integration is becoming a second nature, emptying as well as opening up the body as subjugation and subversion of meaning (Calefato 2003, 164).



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